Detailed explanation of various types of aluminum products rice weight

Industrial aluminum profiles belong to aluminum materials, there are thousands of specification models, each specification model is different, in general, the greater the weight, the better it is, the better it. So how is the rice weight of industrial aluminum profiles? In addition to industrial aluminum profiles, how is the rice weight of aluminum tubes? The following small series is simple to explain it.

The meter of the aluminum profile is the cross-sectional area (CM2) of the aluminum profile by 100 cm by Custom Aluminium Fabrication the density of 0.7 g / cm by aluminum, and the result is obtained by 1000, which is a kilogram unit per meter. Weight. Such an algorithm looks quite complex, in fact, for some simple aluminum, there is a simple algorithm formula, and can quickly calculate the weight per meter of the aluminum.

Aluminum milania calculation formula (kg) \u003d 0.00271 × thick × width (mm); aluminum tube weight calculation formula (kg) \u003d 0.00879 × wall thickness × (outer diameter – wall thickness); aluminum sheet rice Heavy calculation formula (kg) \u003d 0.00271 × thick × width; aluminum bar mower calculation formula (kg) \u003d 0.0022 × diameter × diameter square; aluminum bar meter calculation formula (kg) \u003d 0.0028 × width × edge width; aluminum pattern Board Calculation Formula: The thickness per square meter \u003d 2.96 * thickness.

These calculation formulas are simple and fast, and of course, there are many aluminum profiles that are more complicated in shape, can only be considered, and as long as there is a CAD map, the area is very good. If you don’t understand anything, remember to leave a message to Xiaobian. More than 10 years of aluminum profile manufacturers, skilled, experienced, and stable delivery.