Auxiliary electric heater work principle


Electric heater is a process of converting electrical energy into thermal energy. After the electric heaters can generate thermal effects from the discovery of the power supply through the wire, many inventors are engaged in the research and manufacture of various electric thermostats. The development and popularization of electric heating is also the same as other industries. Most of the electric thermal electrical appliances in the 19th century are poor, the earliest emergence is the electric thermal electrical appliance used in life, following such a rule: gradually promoted from advanced countries to the world. Countries; gradually develop from the city to rural; developed from the group to the family, then to individual; the product is developed from low-end to high-end.

Auxiliary electric heater is a consuming electrical energy converted to heat energy to heat the material to be heated. The heating tube enters the input opening in the pressure of the low-temperature fluid medium in the operation, and the pathway of the fluid thermodynamic principle indoor heater design of the air electric heating tube is used in the electrical heating container. The high temperature thermal energy generated in the electrothermal element in the electrothermal element, so that the air electric heating tube is heated by the heating medium, and the electric heating tube is exported to a high temperature medium required for the process. The internal control system of the electric heating tube automatically adjusts the electric heating tube output power in accordance with the temperature sensor signal of the output, uniform temperature of the output port of the air electric heating tube; when the air electric heating tube is over temperature, the heat generating element The independent overheating protection device immediately cuts off the heating power supply to avoid overheating of the heating material in the air electro-heating tube, causing the coking, deterioration, carbonization, and severely causes the heat generating element in the air electric heating tube to burnout, and effectively extend the life of the electric heating tube.